Mumbai, India

Veteran animation film designer Dhimant Vyas is a gifted artist who can paint, sketch, illustrate and sculpt. Vyas has an impressive body of work as he has donned the cap of a creative director at Zynga Games India, and has worked on famous Shaun, The Sheep Series-II.

He has been associated with the Academy Award-winning animation studio Aardaman Animation Ltd, U.K. as an animator on the Creature Comforts - US TV series - and Purple & Brown. Vyas is an alumnus of the National Institute of Design (NID), Ahmedabad.

Among his prominent works include the title animation sequence for the highly-acclaimed Hindi feature film Taare Zameen Par, which was directed by Bollywood superstar Aamir Khan. He has worked with brands like BBC, UNICEF, FCB ULKA, Zee TV, MTV, Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon, to name just a few. His works for Taare Zameen Par, Happy Planet, Cute Bunny, Y-snore, MTV promos and his photography have won him several national and international awards.

Throwing light on his artistic statement, says Vyas, “My world is filled with the rich colours, flavours and details of stories I hear, literature I read, music I listen to, sounds that fill my days and life experiences that I come across. In my paintings, these coalesce to take a visual form -sometimes they connect and make a continuum of meaning. Sometimes, they become a means for my self-expression.”

In the painting series Natura, he has worked with a new style synthesized from a fusion of folk art and imaginative world art. Mother Nature has been contemplated as the basis and her many fascinating representations in the Indian folk art. “Mother Nature anchors this series, probably representing my deep concern about her erosion in our race for urbanization and a sense of urgency to get reconnected with her. I have overlaid this with the Yantra motif. To me, these Yantras are the bridges that connect the earth with a subliminal fantasy world. They lend both solidity and other worldliness to my work,” explains Vyas.

Through a layered lens, the artist views characters, culture, emotions and instances. They are sometimes poignant, sometimes funny and sometimes even trippy. Vyas chose papers such as Arches and Fabriano, and painted with water colour to complement the richness. Ethnic colors add fullness and original gold foil gives the finishing touch. He hopes one enjoys this series and takes back some of the joy and colour into their lives!

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